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A Heavy Duty Competition Combo Rack Bench is a specialized weightlifting equipment commonly used in powerlifting competitions or training. It combines a squat rack and a bench press station into one unit, allowing athletes to perform both exercises effectively and safely.

  1. Squat rack: The squat rack on the combo rack bench is designed to provide stability and safety during squat exercises. It usually consists of sturdy upright posts with adjustable J-hooks or safety bars that support the loaded barbell. The height of the J-hooks can be adjusted to accommodate different lifter heights and squat depths.

  2. Bench press station: The bench press station is built into the combo rack and allows athletes to perform the bench press exercise with proper support and stability. It features a flat or adjustable bench surface with a built-in rack or hooks to hold the barbell securely.

  3. Spotter arms: Spotter arms are adjustable horizontal safety bars attached to the upright posts. They provide an extra layer of safety during heavy lifts, as they can catch the barbell if the lifter fails to complete a repetition.

  4. Weight plate storage pegs: The combo rack bench often includes weight plate storage pegs at the rear or sides of the unit. These pegs allow for convenient storage of weight plates, keeping them readily accessible during workouts.

  5. Durability and stability: Heavy-duty steel construction with thick tubing is essential for a competition-grade combo rack bench. This ensures durability and stability, even when handling heavy weights.

  6. Adjustable components: The J-hooks, spotter arms, and bench surface may be adjustable in height and angle to accommodate various body sizes, exercise variations, and user preferences.

  7. Safety features: Combo rack benches commonly have safety pins or bars that can be inserted at various heights to act as a backup in case the weight is dropped or fails during a lift.


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Competition Combo Rack bench
Metal, Metal
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Lecheng heavy duty Competition Combo Rack bench
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Bodybuilding Functional Trainer Machine


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